UK Sightings Archive 1997—2008

FOI Releases by the Ministry of Defence

UFO Sighting Reports

There are several files documenting the UK Government’s policy on UFOs, including references to how and by whom it was drawn up and how it evolved. These papers illustrate how a number of different branches and divisions with MoD were involved at different times handling policy and investigations. Policy files created by the former Air Ministry DDI (Tech) and their successor, the Defence Intelligence Staff, can be found at references DEFE 31/118 (1953-1963) and DEFE 31/119 (1967). Air Staff policy can be followed at AIR 20/11612 (1967-68), AIR 2/18117 (1967) and AIR 2/19086 (1970-75).

Examples of Parliamentary correspondence can be found at DEFE 24/1535. This file also contains responses to Parliamentary Enquiries on UFOs, at DEFE 13/1183, DEFE 13/1187, DEFE 13/1188 and DEFE 71/97-100 . There is a substantial collection of papers relating to the UFO debate held in the House of Lords in January 1979. A number of MoD branches, along with the Foreign Office and the Department of Science & Energy, contributed to the Government's response in the Lords.

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